Fundraise Awesomer Webinar

Fundraise Awesomer Webinar

Listen. I know the LAST thing you want to do is sit through another boring webinar about some boring thing that has nothing to do with your day-to-day job as a fundraiser.

So, thankfully, we made a webinar that is the complete opposite of a waste of time! Hooray!

And it’s only 30 minutes long! Double Hooray!

For the fundraiser, the volunteer or board member who has to juggle 10,000 different things - all while being responsible for raising money to continue your awesome programs and services - I invite you to watch this!

As someone who has been in your frustrated shoes - I promise you’ll feel right at home AND learn a few tips and tricks on how to get back to doing what you do well: building awesome relationships with supporters and donors.

I love this stuff so much, I wrote a book about it! It’s a simple road to make sure you carve out time to fundraise, rather than fill your day with “other duties as assigned.”

One thing. Once a day. 5 Days a week.

I’ve creatively called it: The 5 Day Fundraising Framework. (Hey, I’m a fundraiser, not a brand guru.)

Anywho - this framework has helped tons of nonprofit leaders get clarity on what is important, and simplifies their work to make this fundraising job as awesome as it can be. And now I’d like to share it with you!

So, this webinar is just 30 minutes of time for a bit of direction on how to organize your fundraising life. Sounds pretty freaking great! (Pssst! It is!)

Now, get on over and register ‘cause I have some freebies to send you and fun facts to help your organization out!

What you’ll learn

Still not convinced with all those exclamation points that this will be a fantastic watch? What? You want a detailed list of things you’ll take away from this? I applaud your Type A personality, and will happily oblige! In this webinar you’ll learn:

This sounds great! So what are you waiting for! Let’s DO THIS!

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